• Manufacturers logbook service 

    A log book service is great for owners of new vehicles and those covered by a new car manufacturer's warranty.

  • Mechanical repairs 

    We provide repairs and services on all makes of cars. Our focus is on providing high quality service and products to our customers, and we believe we do it better than anyone.

  • Electrical repairs 

    The best auto electrical repair service.

  • AC Repairs and regas 

    GT Automotive can provide expert car air-conditioning service or regas.

  • Coolant system repairs 

    Save thousands in unnecessary engine repairs. Keep your cooling system in peak condition. Book your cars next cooling system service here, Now!

  • Suspension and steering repairs 

    If you have noticed uneven tyre wear, off centre steering wheel, swaying or drifting when steering your vehicle, it may be that there is a problem with the steering and suspension system.

  • Wheel alignment and balancing prolongs tyre life 

    Adjusting your car's wheel alignment means that we will adjust a series of complex measurements and adjustments that make your car's steering, suspension and driving characteristics perform as they should.

    Adjusting your car's wheel balance means that we will adjust the distribution of weight around your tyres and wheels. When your tyres are not balanced correctly, it can have a dramatic impact on both your car and your safety.

  • Fleet vehicle servicing 

    We service Custom Fleet Vehicles.

  • Safety inspections and road worthy certificates 

    You may get your Roadworthy Certificate following a safety inspection at GT Automotives.

  • Diagnostic service 

    Looking for an auto shop that provides quality car diagnostic service? GT Automotive is the repair shop you can trust at a price you can afford.

  • Batteries 

    Batteries fail at the most inconvenient of times. GT Automotive carries an extensive range of quality batteries.

  • Large range of new tyres 

    We offer a range of tyres to suit your needs.

  • Authorised Insurance Repairer

    We provide car repairs as well as insurance approved repairs.

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